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Visual Production IoCore 2

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Another find example of Visual Productions ioCore 2 being used in a Exhibition to trigger Robots and automations

Some informations on the IoCore 2


GPIO interface module

The IoCore2 is a network-based solid-state interface for GPIO signals. It features eight GPI ports that can be configured as digital contact-closures or analog 0-10V level inputs. The IoCore2 also has eight GPO ports that are fitted with potential free relay switches. Furthermore, it has a RS-232 port, a bi-directional DMX-512 port and it supports many Ethernet based protocols.


•    Ethernet port •    Programming via web-interface •    8 x Analogue or Digital inputs •    8 x Relay (250VAC/30VDC max. 2A) •    DMX512-A (ANSI E1.11) port (opto-isolated, input or output) •    RS-232 port (in & out) •    Art-Net (in & out) •    sACN (in & out) •    TCP (in) •    USP & OSC (in & out) •    12-24 DC 500mA (PSU included) •    Power over Ethernet (class I) •    Kensington lock •    Desktop, DIN Rail or 19″ rack mount (optional adapter) •    Operating temperature -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F) •    Compliance EN55103-1 EN55103-2 •    Bundled with CueluxPro, vManager and Kiosc software

These products runs without harddisk and boot up in a instant. If looking for reliable and stable control devices , Visual Productions will be a perfect solution to consider .

Drop us an email at or whatsapp +6587500712

We will be able to able to study to assist and provide the perfect solutions

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