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Cameo ZENIT P130

Cameo ZENIT P130


The Cameo Zenit® P130 is an IP65 rated outdoor PAR can with a sharp, tightly focussed beam angle of 8°. For an additional choice of 25° or 45° angles, it comes with two ultra-efficient light shaping diffusers which are specially designed to maintain the fixture's powerful illuminance. The Zenit® P130 is equipped with four 32W RGBW Osram OSTAR LEDs for brilliant, uniform Colours while 16-bit technology enables high-resolution Colour mixing and dimming. With a 3,600 Hz refresh rate and flicker- free operation the advanced Zenit® P130 is the perfect choice for motion picture and TV applications. Highly effective convection cooling ensures totally noise-free operation.

Truly professional, the Zenit P130® is RDM-compatible and includes 7 modes of DMX control, exciting automated programs as well as master, slave and standalone capability. It features Colour temperature and individual LED Colour correction, a high- speed strobe, 4 selectable dimming curves and adjustable halogen lamp-like dimming response. A security lock prevents unauthorized menu access.

To enable easy daisy-chaining, the heavy-duty die-cast aluminium housing provides innovative locking 5-pin DMX and AC power inputs and outputs. A modern OLED display with 4 touch buttons allows easy, intuitive configuration.

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