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Superlux HA40

Superlux HA40


4-ch Headphone Amplifier


Superlux HA4 is a high-grade, stereo headphone amplifier designed for demanding and critical audio monitoring. This audiophile-quality headphone amp is ideal for adding headphone feeds for studio and audio enthusiast applications.

The HA4 provides 4 independent headphone outputs. Each headphone output is controlled by the associated level control and 1/4-inch output connector. With its extended bandwidth and high current/voltage drive capability the HA4 can drive headphones of various impedances to high levels with very low distortion, important for monitoring in high SPL environments.



General Features

• 4 independent headphone outputs with individual volume controls
• High power driving capability, drives headphones to high levels with very low distortion
• Extended frequency response offers outstanding audio performance
• DC 12V adapter included


  • Specifications


    Frequency response:
    10 Hz~50 Hz ± 1.0 dB
    Voltage gain:34 dB(unbalanced)
    Output clipping level:+18 dB
    Output impedance:200 Ω
    Input clipping level:+24 dB
    Dynamic range:>/= 120 dB
    S/N ration:0.03%
    Input impedance:unbal. 22k Ω
    Loop output impedance:200 Ω
    Power requirement:external power adapter, 12VDC/200mA
    Power Range:100V~240VAC, depends on country
    Power Indicator:red LED, located on the power switch
    Dimensions:H 46 × W 200 × D 143mm
    Net Weight:575g(20.3 oz)

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