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High-Power Profile Moving Head


Item No.: CLOXP


  • High-power profile moving head with 33,000 lm / 72,000 lux (@ 5 m)
  • CMY colour blending and additional colour wheel with 6 dichroic filters
  • High-quality appearance with 170-mm front lens and especially wide zoom range of 6° to 48°
  • Angle and position of each diaphragm slider adjustable to complete closure
  • Rotatable animation wheel, rotating gobo wheel and static gobo wheel
  • Rotatable and indexable circular fivefold prism and linear sixfold prism
  • Variable frost filter for wash light effects and continuously adjustable iris diaphragm
  • Smooth dimming with 16-bit resolution and 4 selectable curves
  • Battery-powered touchscreen display with rotary encoder
  • Flexible control via built-in W-DMX™ transceiver, DMX, RDM, Art-Net or sACN
  • Description

    Drawing only 750 W, achieve the same lighting performance that conventional devices require 1000 W for! This is possible thanks to the extremely efficient light engine of this incredibly modern high- power moving head from Cameo: the OPUS® X Profile.

    The light engine efficiency of the Cameo OPUS X Profile Moving Head (item no.: CLOXP) can be seen throughout its design philosophy. This makes it possible to achieve 33,000 lm at a lighting power of 72,000 lux @ 5 metres. The complete setup with effects for use as spot and profile in this efficient and modern moving head is further augmented with the additional framing module. The high-quality optic with 170 mm front lens and a remarkably wide zoom range of 6° to 48° offers almost inexhaustible design possibilities. Be inspired by the combination of CMY colour blending and an additional colour wheel with 6 dichroic filters.

    Cleverly coordinated and balanced functional features facilitate consistent projection without hotspots. The complete zoom range is smoothed out with linear CTO correction from cold white 6,500 to 2,600 K in the light intensity. The moving head is equipped with a +/- 45° rotatable, fourfold diaphragm slider system. Flickering in camera images is reliably prevented thanks to selectable PWN frequencies of up to 25 kHz. Light designers appreciate the rotatable animation wheel that doesn't limit their creativity. Fascinating lighting effects are created with the rotating gobo wheel in combination with six indexable, rotatable and exchangeable glass gobos, or optionally open. Alternatively, the static gobo wheel is available with seven exchangeable glass gobos or for open application.

    With the circular fivefold prism, which is rotatable and indexable, and the linear sixfold prism, undreamed of possibilities for designing lighting effect sequences open up when used as a spot or profile. The angle and position of each diaphragm slider can be adjusted to achieve complete darkness. Combined with the variable frost filter for wash light effects and the continuously variable iris diaphragm, the creativity potential of this moving head is further multiplied. In standalone operation, control is either in static mode or on a master/slave basis and configured under independent power via the battery-powered touchscreen display with six touch keys. Greater flexibility is provided by the integrated W-DMX™ transceiver, DMX, RDM, Art-Net or sACN for controlling functions such as smooth dimming with 16-bit resolution and four selectable curves.

    The attractive design of the spot and profile moving head proves itself in everyday use. Inside the robust metal and ABS plastic housing is a temperature-controlled fan working quietly to keep the housing cool. The separate power cable is one metre long and fitted with a Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 connector. The two included Omega mounting brackets allow for flexible installation of the spot/profile moving head.

  • Specification

    Product type LED Moving Lights
    Type Moving Head
    Number of LEDs 1
    Colour temperature Cold White, 6300 K
    LED PWM Frequency 650 Hz, 1530 Hz, 3600 Hz, 12000 Hz, 25000 Hz (adjustable)
    LED type 750 W LED
    Dispersion 6 - 48 °
    Number of gobos 13 + open (7 fixed + 6 rotating)
    DMX input XLR 3-pin male , XLR 5-pin male
    DMX output XLR 3-pin female , XLR 5-pin female
    DMX mode 36-channel , 55-channel
    DMX Functions Animation Wheel , Colour wheel , Colour wheel rotating , CTO , CTO Fine , Cyan , Cyan Fine , Dimmer , Dimmer Fine , Focus , Focus Fine , Frost 1/2 , Gobo 1 Rotation , Gobo 1 Rotation Fine , Gobo 2 Shake , Gobo Wheel 1 , Gobo Wheel 1 Rotation , Gobo Wheel 2 , Gobo Wheel 2 Rotation , Iris , LED Segment Dimmer , Magenta , Magenta Fine , Multifunctional Strobe , Pan/Tilt , Pan/Tilt fine , Pan/Tilt Macros , Pan/Tilt Speed , Prism 1/2 , Prism Rotation , Shutterblade Rotation , Shutterblades , Sparkle FX , System settings , Yellow , Yellow Fine , Zoom , Zoom Fine
    Standalone modes Master / Slave mode , Static
    System settings Auto Focus , Auto Lock , Blackout functions , Colour/ Gobo wheel , Display Illumination , Display Reverse , fan , Feedback , LED PWM Frequency , Motor Speed , Movement Blackout , Pan Reverse , reset , Scroll / Snap , Signal Fail , Test , Tilt Reverse , User default values
    Control Art-Net , DMX512 , RDM enabled , sACN , W-DMX™ (Transceiver)
    Controls Back Button , Push encoder , Right
    Indicators Battery supply for mains-independent system settings
    Operating voltage 100 V AC - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
    Power consumption 1100 W
    Fuse T8AL / 250 V
    Power connector Neutrik powerCON IN / OUT
    Housing material ABS , metal
    Cabinet colour Black
    Cooling Silent, temperature controlled fan
    Illuminance 72650 lx @ 5 m @ 6°
    Luminous flux 33000 lm
    Maximum Ambient Temperature 0 - 40 °C
    Width 397 mm
    Height 742 mm
    Depth 285 mm
    Relative Humidity < 80 %, not condensing
    Weight 39 kg
    Accessories (included) 1 m Power cable with Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 plug , 2 x omega mounting
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