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Cameo OPUS® H5

Cameo OPUS® H5


Beam Spot Wash Hybrid Moving Head


Item No.: CLOH5


  • Extremely flexible beam sport wash hybrid moving head with 18,000 lm/407,000 lux at 10 m
  • CMY colour blending and additional colour wheel with 13 dichroic filters
  • High-quality appearance with 130-mm front lens and especially wide zoom range of 2° to 42°
  • A total of five prisms at two levels for varied mid-air effects
  • High CRI filter (>87) for enhanced colour reproduction and adaptation to TV and film cameras
  • Nine interchangeable, rotating gobos and 13 static gobos
  • Smooth dimming with 16-bit resolution and 4 selectable curves
  • Battery-operated touchscreen display with push encoder for quick and simple set-up
  • Flexible control via built-in W-DMX™ transreceiver, DMX, RDM, Art-Net or sACN
  • Osram lamp Sirius HRI 470 W, two Omega brackets and power cable included
  • Description

    Versatile moving heads are especially in demand among light show designers, in particular when it comes to mobile stage equipment. After all - the more functions a device can provide, the more exciting the stage experience is for the audience. This is precisely why the Hybrid Moving Head is so much in demand as a combined solution for moving-head beam, spot + wash applications.

    Cameo's professional lighting solutions and innovative products like the OPUS H5 Hybrid Moving Head are tailor-made for stage design and rental companies. This moving head is a hybrid, so it covers the entire range of disciplines from beam and spot through to wash. The extremely flexible discharge moving light with a luminous flux of 18,000 lm and a light intensity of 407,000 lux at 10 metres offers an extremely effective combination of high output and a fascinating variety of effects.

    The moving head beam, spot + wash effects of this efficient and modern hybrid moving head are made possible by a comprehensive range of fittings, featuring a large zoom range combined with high output and an extensive repertoire of effects. The high-quality appearance with 130-mm front lens and a remarkably wide zoom range of 2° to 42° offers almost inexhaustible possibilities. By ingeniously merging CMY colour blending with an additional colour wheel offering 13 dichroic filters, it is possible to spark genuine emotions.

    Light designers appreciate the powerful output and the wide range of prisms that allows them to develop their creativity to the full. Fascinating lighting effects are created with the rotating gobo wheel in combination with nine indexable and rotating interchangeable glass gobos, or optionally open. Alternatively, the static gobo wheel is available with 13 interchangeable glass gobos or as an open application. A total of five prisms at two levels open up unheard-of possibilities in terms of creating diverse mid-air effects. This is enhanced by the high CRI filter (>87) for increased colour rendition and for adaptation to TV and film cameras, as well as the variable frost filter for use as a washlight.

    In standalone operation, the control is either in static mode or on a master/slave basis, configured via encoder and touchscreen. The illuminated colour LC display is battery-powered for mains- independent system settings. Greater flexibility is provided by the integrated W-DMX™ transreceiver, with DMX, RDM, Art-Net or sACN to control functions such as smooth dimming with 16-bit resolution and 4 selectable curves.

    The attractive design of the compact housing with handles in the arms for better handling made of metal and ABS plastic should not hide its suitability for everyday use. A temperature-controlled fan works inside the housing for cooling purposes. The integrated power cable is one metre long and fitted with a Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 connector. The two Omega mounting brackets included ensure the Cameo Hybrid Moving Head can be securely installed.

  • Specification

    Product type Discharge Moving Lights
    Type Moving Head
    Colour temperature Cold White, 6600 K
    Colour mixing function CMY
    Colour rendering index (CRI) > 87
    Number of colours Colour wheel 13 + open and continuous positioning
    Type Lamp 470 W OSRAM SIRIUS HRI
    Dispersion 2 - 42 °
    Number of gobos 22 + open (13 fixed + 9 rotating)
    DMX input XLR 3-pin male , XLR 5-pin male
    DMX output XLR 3-pin female , XLR 5-pin female
    DMX mode 27-channel , 36-channel
    DMX Functions Animation Wheel , Colour wheel , Colour wheel fine , Colour wheel rotating , Cyan , Cyan Fine , Dimmer , Dimmer Fine , Focus , Focus Fine , Frost 1/2 , Gobo 1 Rotation , Gobo 1 Rotation Fine , Gobo 1 Shake , Gobo 2 Shake , Gobo Wheel 1 , Gobo Wheel 2 , High CRI Filter , High CRI Filter Fine , Magenta , Magenta Fine , Pan/Tilt , Pan/Tilt fine , Pan/Tilt Macros , Pan/Tilt Speed , Prism 1/2 , Prism Rotation , Rotation Gobo Wheel , strobe , System settings , Yellow , Yellow Fine , Zoom , Zoom Fine
    Standalone modes Master / Slave mode , Static
    System settings Auto Focus , Auto Lock , Blackout functions , Colour/ Gobo wheel , Display Illumination , Display Reverse , fan , Feedback , LED PWM Frequency , Motor Speed , Movement Blackout , On / Off , Pan Reverse , reset , Scroll / Snap , Signal Fail , Test , Tilt Reverse , User default values
    Control ArtNet , DMX512 , RDM enabled , sACN , W-DMX™ (Transceiver)
    Controls Back Button , Encoder wheel , Touch screen
    Indicators Backlit colour LCD display , Battery supply for mains-independent system settings
    Operating voltage 100 V AC - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
    Power consumption 800 W
    Fuse T8AL / 250 V
    Power connector Neutrik powerCON IN / OUT
    Housing material ABS plastic , metal
    Cabinet colour Black
    Cooling temperature-controlled fan
    Illuminance 407000 lx @ 10 m @ 2°
    Luminous flux 18000 lm
    Maximum Ambient Temperature 0 - 40 °C
    Relative Humidity < 85 %, not condensing
    Width 383 mm
    Height 653.4 mm
    Depth 273.6 mm
    Accessories (included) 1 m Power cable with Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 plug , 2 x omega mounting
    Weight 27 kg
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