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Stereo Set composed of a SmartLink adapter, distance bar, speaker stand base and cable


Item No.: LDCURV500STS


If the distance between the speaker base and the satellites on a CURV 500® array system needs to be increased for enhanced stereo experience, the CURV 500® STS is the optimal solution. This Stereo Set includes the CURV 500® DB distance bar, a round CURV 500® SSB speaker stand base with integrated extension, a SmartLink® adapter and a 8 metre speaker cable. The CURV 500® Entertainer Set can be operated with this set in the left and right channels with two satellites each. When purchasing a further four satellites, i.e. twice the CURV 500® S2 Set with two speakers each, you can even operate eight array satellites in stereo mode. This configuration with a subwoofer and 8 array satellites is particularly suitable for voice applications.

  • Specification

    Product type PA Complete Systems Accessories
    Type Expansion set
    Accessories (included) Speaker cable CURV 500 CABLE 4 (8 m)
    Min height 1489 mm
    Max height 1839 mm


    LDCURV500SLA - LD Systems CURV 500 STS SmartLink Adapter for up to Four LD CURV 500® Satellites, Black

    Type Smartlink® Adapter
    Height 122 mm
    Material die-cast aluminium
    Connectors 1x Speakon compatible
    Colour Black
    Width 122 mm
    Weight 0,35 kg
    Depth 57 mm
    Features 2x M6 thread for optional wall mount


    LDCURV500DB - LD Systems CURV 500 STS Adjustable Speaker Pole for CURV 500® Portable Array System

    Type Speaker Poles
    Tubing material Steel
    Tubing colour Black
    Tubing surface Powder coated
    Min height 1015 mm
    Max height 1365 mm
    Transport length 580 mm
    Height adjustment Clamp with safety pin
    Material of height adjustment Steel
    Lower connector M20
    Weight 1,93 kg


    LDCURV500SSB - LD Systems CURV 500 STS Speaker stand base for LDCURV500DB

    Type Speaker stand base
    Material Steel
    Surface Powder coated
    Height 474 mm
    Weight 8,2 kg
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