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Touring Hazer with Microprocessor Control


Item No.: CLIH1500TPRO


  • Powerful 1,500 watt microprocessor-controlled touring haze machine
  • Rugged road case
  • 1020 m³ output capacity per minute
  • Extended-life stainless steel vapor tube
  • Automatic self-cleaning mechanism
  • Haze emission and fan speed individually adjustable in 100 increments
  • 2-channel DMX control and standalone functionality
  • Integrated fluid canister drawer
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Ideal for TV, motion pictures, theaters, discotheques and live events
  • Enhances any light show
  • Description

    Ready for the road, the Instant Series Hazer 1500 T Pro comes in a tough and durable touring case. With a huge output capacity of 1020 m³ per minute, extremely short pre-heating time of 45 seconds only and whisper-quiet operation it is ideal for portable applications in TV and motion picture productions, fashion shows, live events and mobile discotheques.


    The highly efficient, microprocessor-controlled haze machine features a long-life vapor tube of grade 316 stainless steel and automatic self-cleaning mechanism to prevent residue build-up and minimize maintenance. The unit's haze emission and projection fan speed are individually variable in 1% increments to suit stages and venues of any size, fluid consumption at 100% output is a low 17 ml per minute.


    The Hazer 1500 T Pro is capable of 2-channel DMX control and standalone operation providing 3-pin and 5-pin XLR inputs and outputs for the DMX signal. The rugged construction sports a 3-segment LED display, a fluid drawer for canisters up to 5 liters and overheating protection. Producing a very fine, long-lasting mist the Cameo Hazer 1500 T Pro is the perfect choice to enhance moving light shows for impressive atmospheric effects.


    For best results, use only Cameo Instant Haze Fluid, which is specially designed for Cameo Hazer. Using other fluids will void the warranty and can damage the device.

  • Specification

    Product type Fog and Wind Machines
    Type hazer
    Power 1500 W
    Max. Output 1020 m³/min
    Warm-up Time 45 sec.
    Fluid Consumption 17 ml/min (100% Output)
    DMX input XLR 3-pin male , XLR 5-pin male
    DMX output XLR 3-pin female , XLR 5-pin female
    DMX mode 2-channel
    DMX Functions fan , Vapour Volume
    Standalone modes fan , Vapour Volume
    Controls Start/Stop/Mode , Value Down , Value Up
    Indicators 3-segment LED display
    Operating voltage 240 V AC, 50 Hz
    Power consumption 1500 W
    Overheating Protection heating element with thermostat
    Power connector Power cord with safety plug (Type E / CEE 7/7)
    Cabinet colour Black
    Recommended Fluid INSTANT HAZE (not included)


    Total dimensions

    Width 415 mm
    Height 266 mm
    Depth 555 mm
    Weight 18,196 kg
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