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Pole-operated Fresnel Spotlight with Tungsten LED


Item No.: CLF2TPO


  • Natural colour reproduction CRI 96, TLCI 97
  • Continuous zoom for beam angles from 15° to 40°
  • Four selectable 16-bit dimmer curves with adjustable response
  • Optimised operation via high efficiency heatpipe cooling and temperature-controlled fan
  • RDM enabled
  • Selectable pulse width modulation frequencies up to 25 kHz
  • Flicker-free and silent operation, ideal for TV, film and theatre
  • 8-way barn door and gel frames included
  • Description

    Energy saving par excellence - Cameo F2 T PO now even simpler to operate


    Looking for a professional Fresnel spotlight with a high-quality 200 mm lens and a high luminous flux of 12,500 lm? The Cameo F2 T PO is your perfect choice. Now also with pole operation: The Cameo F2 T PO is perfect for anyone who prefers precise manual adjustment from the ground and is unable or unwilling to use a ladder. The RDM-enabled spotlight creates a soft edged beam of light with a continuously adjustable beam angle of 15° to 40°. It's the perfect, energy-saving replacement for traditional 1-kW Fresnel models. Its 240-watt daylight LED has a colour temperature of 3,200 K and a service life of 50,000 hours. Its extremely high colour rendering index of 97 reproduces pure and natural colours.


    The F2 T PO has 6 DMX control modes, a fast strobe function and four 16-bit dimmer curves with adjustable response. Six selectable pulse width modulation frequencies up to 25 kHz ensure flicker-free operation. High- efficiency heatpipe cooling and a temperature-controlled fan provide optimal operation. The robust, die-cast aluminium housing is equipped with a rotary encoder and OLED display for easy configuration of the spotlight. 5-pin DMX connectors and Power Twist mains sockets facilitate simple daisy-chaining. 8-way barn door, a gel frame and mains cable are included.

  • Specification

    Product type LED Fresnel Spotlight
    Type Theater Fresnel
    Colour spectrum Tungsten , warm white
    Number of LEDs 1
    LED type 240 W (ca. 50,000 Operating Hours)
    LED PWM Frequency Adjustable: 800 Hz, 1200 Hz, 2000 Hz, 3600 Hz, 12000 Hz, 25000
    Dispersion Beam Angle: 15 ° - 40 ° , Field Angle: 28 ° - 60 °
    Lens 200 mm Fresnel
    DMX input 5-Pol
    DMX output 5-Pol
    DMX mode 1-channel , 2-channel 1 , 2-channel 2 , 3-channel , 4-channel , 5-channel
    DMX Functions Device Settings , Dimmer , Dimmer Curve , Dimmer Fine , strobe
    Standalone modes Master / Slave mode , Static
    Controls Master / Slave mode , Static
    Indicators OLED Display
    Operating voltage 100 V AC - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
    Power consumption 210 W
    Power Factor 0.94 / 240 V , 0.99 / 120 V
    Power connector TRUE1 compatible Power I/O sockets
    Housing material die-cast aluminium
    Cabinet colour Black
    Protection class IP IP20
    Cooling Combination of heat pipe and temperature controlled fan
    Luminous flux 12500 lm
    Efficiency 57 lm/W
    Colour temperature 3200 K
    Operating Temperature -15 - 45 °C


    Dimensions including Mounting Bracket

    Width 357 mm
    Height 573 mm
    Length 322 mm
    Weight 11,6 kg
    Accessories (included) 8-way barndoor , gel frame , Power cord
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