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Visual Productions DmxSplitter (RJ-45)

Visual Productions DmxSplitter (RJ-45)


The widespread data protocol for lighting equipment is DMX-512. It is a very successful protocol with, however, a few limitations. The maximum number of attached devices is limited to 32 and they all have to be connected in bus-topology having one cable running via each device. Furthermore, a DMX cable should not be longer than 300 meters.

The DIN Rail DmxSplitter from Visual Productions helps tackle those inconvenient limitations. The Splitter takes a DMX signal and sends it out again on its 6 DMX output ports allowing a star-topology for efficient cable usage. Each output port is capable of driving 32 more devices. The Splitter can also function as a signal booster as each port supports another 300 meter long connection.

The DmxSplitter is designed with installers and system integrators in mind. The Splitter features a DIN Rail enclosure that allows easy mounting. There are two models avialable: one with detachable terminal connections for a quick replacement of the unit. And one model with RJ-45 connectors to further reduce the time required to create a DMX network on site.

The DMX input port is protected through optical isolation, safe guarding the Splitter and its connected equipment against power surges and dangerous ground loops.

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