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Visual Productions CUELUX

Visual Productions CUELUX

$620.00 Regular Price
$399.00Sale Price
  • Softwqre based lighting control desk
  • DMX-512 + Art-Net
  • Industry-standard cuelist system
  • MIDI Control Surfaces
  • 100% Touchscreen compatible
  • 4,500+ Personality files
  • Sub-fixtures
  • Description

    Cuelux is a DMX512 lighting controller for intelligent lights, LED, dimmers, lasers and various other effects. The programme is platform-independent and available on Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. The software is shipped with a USB-to-DMX adapter cable.

    Key to the design of Cuelux is its intuitive graphical user-interface. It is specically designed to reduce the amount of time required to learn how to operate the software. Combined with its affordable price, Cuelux is available to a large audience of Light Jockeys, DJ’s, free-lance technicians, rental companies and tour bands.

  • Specification

    •    Multi-core CPU optimised software engine
    •    Maximum 48 fixtures (e.g. 10 channel dimmer is regarded as 1 fixture)
    •    Unlimited Groups and Sub-masters
    •    64 Playback Faders + 64 Playback Buttons
    •    USB Joystick support

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