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Visual Productions CUECORE2

Visual Productions CUECORE2


CueCore2 multi-protocal architectural lighting controller


  • Control the lighting
  • Record from an external DMX source
  • Communicate through a range of protocols
  • Program show-control automation
  • Apply CueCores to small and large installs
  • Description

    The CueCore2 is a compact form-factor lighting controller for (semi-)permanent installations and architectural lighting. Designed for non-stop operation, the CueCore2 has no moving parts; the unit is completely solid-state and achieves a remarkable level of reliability that allow lighting engineers to ‘fit and forget’. Although it is bundled with various supporting software tools, once programmed, the CueCore2 can operate completely stand-alone. It will playback lighting shows, static scenes and dynamic effects through its two DMX-512 universes. The unit can be programmed to respond to a variety of incoming protocols or scheduled to time or day.

  • Specification

    •    2 x DMX-512 opto-isolated (in or out)
    •    Art-Net & sACN (in and out)
    •    KiNet (out)
    •    MIDI, MSC & MMC
    •    OSC & UDP (in and out)
    •    TCP triggers (in)
    •    GPI port with 4 contact-closures or 0-10V inputs
    •    On-board lighting controller with 6 independent playbacks
    •    DMX, Art-Net and sACN show recorder
    •    Scheduling with Real-Time clock, weekdays and sunrise/sunset
    •    NTP time synchronisation
    •    SMPTE, MTC and Art-Net timecode slave
    •    Show Control function (connect any input to any output)
    •    Master/slave protocol for synchronising multiple units
    •    Compatible with Kiosc
    •    PoE
    •    Desktop or DIN Rail mounted
    •    Kensington lock

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