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Cameo EVOS® W7

Cameo EVOS® W7


LED Wash-Beam Moving Head with Single Pixel Control


  • Wash-Beam Moving Head with 900 W output for 12,500 lm luminous flux
  • Light intensity of 96,000 lx @ 1 m
  • 19 full-colour 40 W RGBW LEDs
  • Precise colour reproduction with CRI > Ra 90
  • Individual control of all LEDs (Single Pixel Control)
  • Zoom range of 4.5° to 34° (beam) / 7° to 55° (field)
  • Adjustable refresh rate of between 800 Hz and 25 kHz
  • Control via DMX, RDM Art-Net3, sACN or KlingNet
  • Intuitive rotary encoder for easy configuration
  • Includes Beam Shaper for asymmetrical beams
  • Description

    If you're looking for a particularly natural-looking LED light for effects and lighting, then this professional WashBeam is the right choice. The warm white LED allows you to blend attractive warm pastel shades, and also delivers a wonderful warm white light for lighting people/objects/etc. The Cameo EVOS W7 WashBeam Moving Head with Single Pixel Control and Beam Shaper for asymmetrical beams is especially designed for rental companies with demanding professional customers. A total of 19x 40 W RGBW LEDs produce rich RGB colours for breath-taking lighting effects. Compared to other devices, the Cameo EVOS W7 offers a particularly high colour reproduction index. The warm white chip can be used to light people or objects - either with naturally warm white light or as mood lighting in pastel shades. This versatility results from the unique combination of a full-colour LED with a WW chip, which generates extremely clearly defined white tones with a CRI above Ra 90.

    Providing individual control of all LEDs by means of Single Pixel Control, the Cameo EVOS W7 WashBeam Moving Head produces breath-taking pixel effects. The powerful luminous flux of 12,500 lumen floods any event with warm, bright light in clearly defined colours and delivers generous coverage up to 540° horizontally (pan) and 270° vertically (tilt). Its versatility is further enhanced by an impressive zoom range of 4.5° to 55°, which facilitates powerful beam and large-area wash effects. The directional light beams can also be asymmetrically shaped using the included Beam Shaper.

    Live broadcast images of your event are guaranteed to be flicker-free because the WashBeam Moving Head's refresh rate can be adjusted in six stages between 800 Hz and a maximum of 25 kHz.

    Software control via a network is highly flexible with DMX, RDM Art-Net3, sACN or KlingNet. Further effect devices in the network are looped through via 3 or 5-pin XLR sockets and the DMX mode is available in 16, 18, 23, 33, 43 and 97 channel versions to transmit the extremely extensive range of DMX functions: pan/tilt, pan/tilt fine, dimmer, dimmer fine, stroboscope 0-20 Hz, zoom, zoom fine, single pixel control, pattern, effect pattern, colour presets (LEE filter) and motion macros. Independent operation and mains-independent configuration in Auto Program and Static Mode are carried out via the intuitive encoder with battery-powered graphic display. Preset colour filters allow problem-free use in combination with conventional headlamps.

    The black housing is made of environmentally-friendly, fire-retardant ABS, nylon and PC plastic and features temperature-controlled fans, a mains power connection with a Neutrik TrueOne plug and an integrated 1 m mains cable.

  • Specification

    Product type

    LED Moving Lights


    Moving Head

    Colour spectrum


    Number of LEDs


    LED type

    40 W RGBW

    Refresh rate

    800 Hz, 1200 Hz, 2000 Hz, 3600 Hz, 12 kHz, 25 kHz - adjustable Hz


    Beam Angle: 4.5 ° - 34 ° , Field Angle: 7 ° - 55 °

    DMX input

    Network , XLR 3-pin male , XLR 5-pin male

    DMX output

    Network , XLR 3-pin female , XLR 5-pin female

    DMX mode

    16-channel , 18-channel , 23-channel , 33-channel , 43-channel , 87-channel

    DMX Functions

    Colour presets , Device Settings , Dimmer , Dimmer Fine , Effect patterns , Motion Macro , Pan/Tilt , Pan/Tilt fine , Patterns , Single Pixel Control , strobe , Zoom , Zoom Fine

    PAN movement

    540 °

    TILT movement

    270 °


    Art-Net3 , DMX512 , KlingNet , RDM enabled , sACN

    Standalone modes

    Auto programs , Static


    Encoder wheel


    Backlit colour LCD display , Battery supply for mains-independent system settings (automatically rechargeable battery)

    Operating voltage

    100 V AC - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz

    Power consumption

    900 W


    T10AL 250 V

    Power connector

    Neutrik TrueOne Input

    Housing material

    Environment-friendly fire-retardant ABS, nylon and polycarbonat

    Cabinet colour


    Luminous flux

    12500 lm


    421 mm


    257 mm


    482.5 mm


    23,5 kg

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