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Visual Productions B-STATION

Visual Productions B-STATION

  • Wall-mount button panel


  • Remote control CueCores
  • Stand-alone lighting controller
  • Control third-party equipment
  • Show Control programming


  • Description

    The B-Station is a wall-mount button panel with 6 push-buttons. It can remote control any function within the CueCore. The buttons are back-lit and can provide visual feedback, for example, to indicate the selected cue or active show. Multiple B-Stations can be networked together

  • Specification

    •    6 Push Buttons
    •    Buttons are backlit with white LEDs
    •    web-interface for programming
    •    DMX-512 output
    •    Art-Net Output and Input
    •    UDP Output and Input
    •    OSC Output and Input
    •    Compatible with Kiosc
    •    32 fixtues in standalone mode
    •    6 cuelists/zones in standalone mode
    •    FX Generator
    •    POE Class I

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