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LED Beam Moving Head


Item No.: CLAB1


  • Beam Moving Head with 180,000 lx light intensity @ 3 m
  • Optical glass lens with extremely narrow 2° beam angle
  • 16-bit three-phase motors
  • 540° panning and 270° tilting with automated position correctioning.
  • Motorised focusing
  • 14 colours plus open and split colours
  • 17 static gobos plus open
  • rotatable and indexable circular eightfold prism
  • Rotatable and indexable linear sixfold prism
  • 4 programmable macros for standalone and master-slave operation
  • 3-pin & 5-pin DMX sockets and Power Twist power in and power out sockets
  • Two Omega brackets and power cable included
  • Description

    The Cameo AZOR B1 is a powerful Beam Moving Head featuring a high-quality glass lens, an extremely narrow 2° beam angle and motorised focusing. 16-bit, three-phase motors provide 540° panning and 270° tilting with automated position correctioning. A cold-white 100 W LED with 9,200 K colour temperature achieves incredible 180,000 lx light intensity at 3 metres, while the colour wheel offers 14 intense colours, plus white and split colours, to choose from.


    Additional features of the AZOR B1 include 17 static gobos, a circular eightfold and a linear sixfold prism that are rotatable and indexable. When using as a standalone, four macros are available to freely program and can be perfectly synchronised in master-slave operation or inverted. The spotlight also features a rapid strobe function and a quiet, temperature-controlled fan.


    Easy configuration is facilitated by the AZOR B1’s OLED display and four buttons, 3- and 5-pin DMX inputs and outputs, while Power Twist sockets ensure unproblematic daisy chaining. The Beam Moving Head is supplied with three Omega brackets and a power cable.

  • Specification

    Product type LED Moving Lights
    Type Moving Head
    Colour spectrum cold white
    Number of LEDs 1
    Colour temperature 9200 K
    LED type 100 W
    Refresh rate Adjustable up to 3,600 Hz
    Dispersion 2 °
    DMX input XLR 3-pin male , XLR 5-pin male
    DMX output XLR 3-pin female , XLR 5-pin female
    DMX mode 13-channel , 16-channel
    DMX Functions Colour wheel , Device Settings , Dimmer , Dimmer Fine , Focus , Gobo wheel , PAN , PAN FINE , Pan/Tilt Macros , Pan/Tilt Speed , Prism Rotation/Indexing , Prism Selection , Set Dimmer Curve , strobe , TILT , TILT FINE
    PAN movement 540
    TILT movement 270
    High Speed Strobe > 20 Hz
    Standalone modes 4 x User Macros , Master / Slave mode , Settings
    Controls Enter , Mode , Value Down , Value Up
    Indicators OLED Display
    Operating voltage 100 V AC - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
    Power consumption 180 W
    Power connector Blue & White Power Twist I/O
    Housing material ABS plastic , metal
    Cabinet colour Black
    Protection class IP IP20
    Cooling temperature-controlled fan
    Illuminance 180,000 lx @ 3 m
    Luminous flux 2200 lm
    Maximum Ambient Temperature -15 - 45 °C
    Width 306 mm
    Height 437 mm
    Depth 220 mm
    Weight 13,9 kg
    Features 2 x Omega Clamp , Power supply
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